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Marijuana and Acne – Have We Found the Cure?

01 Apr Marijuana and Acne – Have We Found the Cure?

The term “Acne” always seems to dig up the worst memories of high school. The senior pictures that required so much Photoshop no one knew who was in the picture, or even the everyday break outs that kept self‐confidence at its lowest point.

What if acne never went away? 1/3 of adults suffer from acne on their face, chest, or back. Most teens and adults are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on lotions, washes, creams, and pills that never seem to take away the problem. Not to mention those products can contain harmful chemicals and acids that leave skin charred and painful.

No matter what you believe in (God, Evolution, Aliens…), thank someone for marijuana. A study published in the National Institute of Health and Journal of Clinical Investigation reports that Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring cannabinoid present in Cannabis, may be a treatment for acne.

It’s anti‐inflammatory, lipostatic, and antiproliferative properties could be the treatment, or cure, that has been long searched for.

I know what you’re thinking, “So…we should get teenagers high?” No. CBD can be extracted and administered in an oral pill allowing for no euphoria or mind‐altering effects. CBD has been found to have anti‐psychotic properties used to treat schizophrenia, and it has been studied as a treatment for a rare Epilepsy Disorder.

A solution to acne would affect and decrease the suffering of millions. Who knew it was growing in your backyard this whole time? The tricky thing is legislation. Although it produces no euphoria like THC, it is still considered an illegal substance. With continuing research and trials, hopefully we will see CBD on the shelves of Walgreens everywhere, or at least available by prescription.

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